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Webinar Bundle

The Ringside Skills Bundle

In this three-webinar bundle you will find the skills you need to have a willing, engaged, and civilized sports partner.

In this comprehensive bundle, you’ll begin with I-Don’t-A-Rod where you will learn the tried and true loose leash walking methods that have served me and my clientele for years. Yes, loose leash walking is a vital skill for sport dogs. Moving from the car to the ring can either be a nightmare or a delightful pre-run ritual, the choice is yours. Then, move on to Success from Crate to Gate where I will share my entire pre-run routine that I have developed for my own and countless client dogs over 25 years in dog sports. Finally, be sure your dog has a say in all of this with Getting to YES: Consent in the Sport Dog. You’ll learn what a true opt-in looks like, what an opt-out looks like and how to respond to it, as well as techniques for improving the situation regardless of where you find yourself.

“I took the class on loose leash walking. It was extremely helpful to have three hacks and ways to manage pulling while training LLW. I have taken many classes on the subject and these were completely new tips. I now have clear criteria on what to do when my dog pulls. I also have a clear training plan for fixing the issue altogether.”

— Aly

Included in the course:

This bundle includes three one hour webinars.


Are you ready for loose leash walking?

  • Several training techniques, including prerequisite skills
  • Equipment truths and untruths
  • Hacks to make this easier

Crate to Gate

Ready for A+ ringside behavior? Your guide to that is right here. Place-holding behaviors, cue questions, connected entrances, and more are all here in the Success from Crate to Gate webinar.

Getting to YES: Consent in the Sport Dog

Without the opt-in from your dog, you will struggle to stay connected, might be surprised about outcomes, and will not reach your full potential as a team. Getting that opt-in means you need to recognize opt-outs, build assent into your training, and honor your dog’s communication in new ways.

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Choose from a variety of self-study courses and webinars ranging in topics from reactivity to crate training.

Adolescent dogs, multi-dog households, and even ringside sport skills are all here.

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