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Webinars & Courses

Education Opportunities

by Sarah Stremming

My courses are comprehensive with written lectures and video examples. I share my extensive knowledge and experience in dog behavior in an easy-to-follow format you can complete at your own pace.

My entertaining lecture style is reflected in webinars which are recorded lectures on various topics, complete with powerpoint and video explanations.

“I take teaching seriously. You will find my best here in the courses and webinars; I work hard to bring the most current information in the world of dog training and behavior.”

— Sarah Stremming

Looking for More?

Join the Cog Dog Membership and get unlimited access to ALL of my courses and webinars, including those not listed here… PLUS expert input from the smartest dog community on the internet (including from me, myself)!

Where education and community meet.

Dog training can be frustrating, isolating, and “dog book” can be infuriating… or it can be fun, uplifting, and joyful. Let us help you create the relationship you pictured when you first saw that puppy.

Perfect for…

  • Raising a mentally balanced puppy
  • Problem-solving problematic adolescent behavior
  • Overcoming behavior challenges with support
  • Excelling in dog sport competition (Agility! Obedience! Scent sports! Bitework! And more!)

These courses + the community currently add up to a $2,500 total value, all included in your Cog-Dog membership!