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Private Behavior Coaching

Intensive, exclusive, and comprehensive coaching for behavior change.

For behavior concerns that are too complex or just too hard to tackle with the guidance of the membership or other materials, I offer one-on-one coaching.

” Complex behavior problems are my passion; I love peeling back the layers with you and cracking the code.”

— Sarah Stremming

Coaching happens on a monthly basis and involves back and forth in your own dedicated forum within my specialized platform. Most clients stay in coaching for a minimum of three months to solve their problems.

Of course, on occasion problems are solved in less time, which is always great! Most often though, the behavior change takes time. When you invest in coaching, you have me in your corner to see you through this, and I work hard to be sure this experience is fruitful for you and your dog.

Your first month of coaching includes a 90-minute initial behavior consultation, a month of coaching (exchanges five days a week in your exclusive online forum), and four weekly calls with me. Each consecutive month is exactly the same, without that 90 minute initial call.

Not sure virtual coaching can solve your problems?

I have nearly a decade of online teaching under my belt, and am clear about what we can and cannot do. Together, we will decide if this is the best service for your situation.

"Working privately with Sarah Stremming had truly been a life changing experience for us.

Prior to starting online coaching with Sarah, my border collie Tonic & I had worked with numerous skilled trainers, but we still lacked a piece of the puzzle that prevented true progress in our behavior modification work – Sarah deftly guided us to find that crucial missing piece.

It required hard work and dedication but Sarah was right there supporting us through all the challenging moments. She is equally skilled at assessing the dog’s needs, communicating clearly to the handler what needs to be done, and helping the handler develop the skills needed to continue progressing even after private coaching is complete.

Even two years later, I remain to be in awe at what Tonic continues to be able to handle with ease that would have been impossible before Sarah’s mentorship.”

— Jenn Anthony
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"I can always count on you to be no nonsense, logical, and fair to both humans and dogs.

You GET the challenges that working breeds face living in the world where their ancestral jobs are pretty much gone and you address those challenges through the intersection of meeting needs AND teaching skills. You stay up to date on the latest science and best practices, which allows me to cut through all the noise and know where to go for the best and latest information. Let’s also not forget that you both acknowledge the drama and general yuck that can go on in the dog industry but set the example of moving forward with what we CAN do instead of wallowing around in the perceived mess of it all. […]

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do, Sarah. You have had a huge impact on the direction my life has gone. I’ve gone in many directions to put together the pieces I’ve needed with my personal dogs and client dogs, but I always come back to your work as the place where it all comes together.

— Tara Stillwell 

"On a practical level, Sarah has helped bring out the best in my dog, from developing a love of training to helping him be calm around strangers.

We have worked together twice, once when he was a puppy when we worked hard on building a balanced, happy “training addict”, and now that he is an adolescent, we are working on his behavior towards strangers entering the house. In both cases, Sarah has given me clear, actionable steps that knit together to bring me closer to my goals.

What I love about working with Sarah is that she doesn’t sugar coat things. She tells me the truth, kindly.

[…] To sum it all up, I’d say Sarah deals with the reality of every situation and helps me make it better. And perhaps best of all, she has helped me accept and love the dog I have, even on the days when it’s hard. And he’s a teenaged boy, so we have those days!

— Elise 

Behavior Intake Form

If you’re interested in applying to work with me, fill out the behavior intake form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The Best Place to Start…

I often recommend coaching students begin by joining the Cog Dog Membership. Members get unlimited access to ALL of my courses and webinars… PLUS expert input from the smartest dog community on the internet (including me, myself)!

Where education and community meet.

Dog training can be frustrating, isolating, and “dog book” can be infuriating… or it can be fun, uplifting, and joyful. Let us help you create the relationship you pictured when you first saw that puppy.

Perfect for…

  • Raising a mentally balanced puppy
  • Problem-solving problematic adolescent behavior
  • Overcoming behavior challenges with support
  • Excelling in dog sport competition (Agility! Obedience! Scent sports! Bitework! And more!)

These courses + the community currently add up to a $2,500 total value, all included in your Cog-Dog membership!