Documentation & Style Guide

How to do all the things on your website.

Site Colors









Site Text

Header Font: Zilla Slab & Zilla Slab Highlight

Body Font: Average Sans


If promoting an upcoming event or product, the link we’ve set up for that is — you do need to update where you’d like this link to point (see how to below) but that is the link we established so it’s easy to find!

How to Login and Add Website Users

Overview of What is Where and Why

Editing Your Website Pages

Editing the Header, Footer, or Top Bar

Checking Form Submissions

How to Backup and Run Updates

Spin Up Podcast Category Pages

Setting Up Your /Live Link

Blogging & SEO

If Changes don’t show…

How to Resize Photos

Additional Helpful Info

We have a helpful guide on how to resize images available for your reference here.

On your specific website, here is a quick reference for the image sizes used.

  • Background Images: 1920px X 1080px
  • Mobile Hero Images: 800px X 800px
  • Product Image TOP: 700px x 467px
  • Product Image BOTTOM: 512px X 512px

To determine the size of any other image on the site, you can right click on the image and open it in a new tab and in the tab title (you’ll need to hover over it) it will show you the image size.