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Where education and community meet.

Work though courses and webinars with the expert input of the smartest dog community on the internet, including Sarah herself. With live calls, in-depth discussions, and guest-experts, this community makes sense of the overwhelming world of dog training and behavior.

Looking for a place where you can learn how to create a mentally balanced dog…
With a positive reinforcement-based dog training community you can trust for troubleshooting and nerdy dog conversations?

The Cog Dog Membership will help you…

Raise a mentally balanced puppy.

Get your puppy off to a great start with the guidance of folks who have been there before—and lived to tell the tale!

Whether you’re adding a new puppy to your pack and want to ensure a smooth transition or are raising your first sport puppy… we’re here to help!

Problem-solve problematic adolescent behavior.

The teen months and years are a time when knowing what you are doing will help prevent future headaches.

Get my course, Teenage Tyrants, plus support from trainers who understand the changes and behavior struggles that come with adolescent dogs!

Overcome behavior struggles.

With a wealth of graduates from my private coaching, smart behavior pros, and me, myself, the membership can provide invaluable emotional support and tips on your current behavior plan. Working through reactivity, aggression, or fear and anxiety is isolating, but you don’t have to go it alone.

Excel in competition dog sports.

Agility? Obedience? Scent sports? Bitework? Cog Dog members do it all!

Whether you need help troubleshooting your retriever’s bird work or your agility dog’s start line stay, it’s all here for you. Talk through training plans and trouble-shoot when things go off course with other trainers as nerdy as you are!

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Your go to place for dog nerdom

What do you get as part of the membership?

Every webinar and workshop I offer.

You get unlimited self-study access to the entire suite of my on-demand dog behavior and training courses and webinars.

Live Q&As with me.

Join me for monthly live calls (and occasional bonus calls!). Hear about topics, ask questions, and enjoy the entire library of recorded calls that you’ve missed!

Supportive and knowledgeable community.

Like a facebook group, but with only reliable information! Active discussions, supportive peers, and experts all come to gether to make this community great.

Industry Expert Trainings.

Join me as I bring you industry experts to answer your questions. Other behavior consultants, veterinarians, trainers of other species, and more.

Member feedback on your personal training journey with your dog.

The members and I are all here for you as you embark on your training odyssey.

Goals and challenges.

Share your goals and engage in challenges to keep yourself accountable!

Access to all of my Dog Training Courses

You get full access to the entire current suite of my dog training courses, webinars, and workshops… PLUS any new courses I create (several more are coming soon!).

Courses included:

  • Canine Behavioral Wellness
  • Teenage Tyrants
  • Household Harmony
  • Shaping Demystified
  • Happy Crating Bundle
  • Success from Crate to Gate: On Demand
  • I-Don’t-A-Rod: Loose Leash Walking Hacks and Techniques
  • Bark-Lunge 101

These courses + the community currently add up to a $2,500 total value, all included in your Cog-Dog membership!

"I am so glad I joined the Cog-Dog Classroom!

Having a welcoming environment to share my training struggles and wins, nerd out with other trainers and guardians, and really dive into advanced training concepts has been invaluable.

I’ve gotten so much value out of it already, both as a professional, and as a guardian of a very intense dog with really big feelings.

— Liza Rader 

"What I love about working with Sarah is that she doesn’t sugar coat things.

 She tells me the truth, kindly. I also love that she is realistic. She understands that the dog and I are part of a family and that others in the family are going to interact with the dog in ways that neither she nor I would choose […] she helps me make a plan that acknowledges that things aren’t always perfect. I also love her pragmatism. She understands that I live in an area with lots of wildlife and has worked with me from the very beginning to ensure that my dog can be safely off-leash. I also love her ability to reframe. If we are working on a protocol that’s not working, she finds another approach. She’s not afraid to change course.
[…] I’d say Sarah deals with the reality of every situation and helps me make it better. And perhaps best of all, she has helped me accept and love the dog I have, even on the days when it’s hard. And he’s a teenaged boy, so we have those days!

— Elise 

"Sarah Stremming is an incredible resource, with a wealth of experience gained by guiding handlers with behavior challenges in a wide variety of dogs and as a result of her own passion and curiosity.

Her steadfast focus on the mental and emotional health of our dogs helped me crystallize my own training values and maintain each dog’s confidence as a priority of my training. I really appreciate that she stays up to date on changes in the industry and revises her program to reflect current research.

Being in the membership brings additional support. Having access to her webinars helped me get through adolescence with my youngest dog. My questions are answered promptly, and it is often enlightening to read discussions of issues that come up for other members and see community feedback. I also appreciate the guest speakers the platform periodically.

— Diane K. 

You don’t have to go it alone.

Dog training can be frustrating, isolating, and “dog book”  can be infuriating… or it can be fun, uplifting, and joyful. Let us help you create the relationship you pictured when you first saw that puppy.

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